About Us

Rent To Own Containers has established itself as a company known for customer service and quality. Rent to Own Containers, born from creative entrepreneurial spirits and a relationship between life long friends, prides itself on our ability to give the consumer a quality product they can own with superior customer service. We think of each other as family and every one of our customers as part of that family.

First, we want to know about YOU and your needs! Understanding your needs are key to us working together. After learning what you are looking for, we will share our ideas and thoughts. From there, together, we can create a plan that provides a solution to fit your lifestyle. Rent To Own Containers is unique in that we are a “one stop shop”. Not only do we provide the container, but we also provide the Rent To Own programs. Our extensive container experience allows us to guarantee the condition of the containers. The container is guaranteed to be wind and water tight with working doors. We encourage each customer to inspect the container on the day of delivery to make sure you are satisfied with the product. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. The container business is an ever growing business and we want you to know that we take it serious and only want to provide the best for you!

Please call today and find out how we can best help with your RTO container needs!

It’s that easy. Save Money on Storage Fees! Stop Paying and Start OWNING.